Wednesday, 28 November 2018


What I Have Been Reading At The Library.

Title: Mr Mayor’s Pavlova palaver.
Main Characters:  Mr Mayor, Mrs Mayor.
Settings: Puddleby Town and Pottery Works.
Problem: In Puddleby town everyone is making Pavlova’s for the official Puddleby town Pavlova Tasting day. Then Mrs Mayor was walking through the town and saw people frowning and closing their blind’s. She thought that the take this to serious! So then one night a mysterious person wearing all black took all the eggs from the town and from each farm then the next morning the people of the town were shocked and they said to their mayor “ ALL the eggs in the town are gone!

Solution: there was a note and Mr Mayor read it is said”  Your eggs are safe but who can tell how much longer they'll be well in order to see your eggs again gather your secret ingredients and then be at the pottery works by 10. So  Mr mate hold his villages and said gather all your secret ingredients together and meet me at The Pottery works by 10. When they all got there They saw another note and it said “ put all your secret ingredients one by one in the big pot”   so they put it all in and then all the eggs came out like a big flood and then the man told some strong people to put it into the oven and then after that the next time there was a cool fair and then everyone got to get a piece of big pavlova cake.

My Poem.

Be Brave!
By Myat

You’ve been cared for
give it a try
don’t be scared
Take a deep breath
follow your dreams
Never give up
proceed your needs

If you look back and feel alone
take another breath
Then you know you’re not on your own.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Endangered Species Around the World

Sea otterGorillaGiant Pandas, Tigers, Whooping Crane, Blue Whale, Sea Otter, Snow Leopard and Gorillas are all endangered animals. Each and every animal that is in this text are endangered. That means there aren’t much Blue whales or a snow leopard for example. Snow leopardBlue whaleTigerWhooping craneGiant panda

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Our Messy World!

Yesterday some people that work at Kelly Tarltons came to Glen Taylor School to show the middle school how different sea creatures suffer and die! They die by plastic and our rubbish! Especially turtles, they think that the plastic bags are jelly fish because the plastic back floats! We also saw that one of the people that work there picked up almost a whole jar of rubbish just in 5 minutes! They showed us the skeletons of some sea creatures like a shark, stingrays, starfish and a whole lot of other interesting, fascinating things!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Healthy Choices.

This week room 10 was with Miss Bedhisi and we looked at some healthy choices while grocery shopping. We wrote all of the prices and here's an example. Jazz apples for $1.99 and last week was $2.99. We always had to say why we bought it and how is it healthy like oranges. There healthy because they have vitamin C and that helps with your skin. We don't want to buy something like cookies because that has 15 teaspoons of sugar in it.